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06–24–2022      (006)
Travel stories from South Africa and Switzerland.  

02–28–2022        (005) Never knew Black History month had a theme until searching the internet for inspiring editorials. This year's theme is Black Wellness, which I find ironic because there is not a single media site dedicated to Black wellness education.

01–13–2022      (004) It's not even the middle of the month and I feel like I need a reset. I've had a case of bad luck.

11–16–2022        (003)Be alarmed, inflation is a big deal and it's already interfering with your everyday life.

10–20–2021       (002)Fresh food is good and artificial food is bad. I think we all can agree that health is wealth but what happens when all the money runs dry? Our access to fresh food is changing.  

03–27–2021       (001)Fifty provocative and sometimes unexpected songs that capture the mood of our nation — from one music fanatic’s perspective.

Some of this is fake. Some of this is true. Some of this is about me. Most of it is about you. 

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Nai Vasha is a creative strategist, brand developer, artist, and consultant.

Her curiously unique background – from working on farms to modeling in lookbooks to publishing a magazine – and the infinite range of experience she’s accumulated far eclipses the LinkedIn-approved-list-of-marketing-skills-for-endorsement.

Need a lookbook art directed? Done. Need a photographer for said lookbook? No problem. How about a social media strategy and content roll-out plan around said lookbook for the next 3-months? Say no more fam.

Nai Vasha is a modern day Swiss Army knife, if Swiss Army knives could use Notion and Lightroom,  dipped in sauwce (*Gucci Mane voice) with limitless extensions. Even if it can’t do it, it’ll find a way to Prime ship something or someone who can right to your doorstep.

These characteristics are embedded in the very foundation of who Nai Vasha is. She lives the culture so that it comes from a place of genuine credibility and authenticity. If you want to be commercially consistent, you should probably look somewhere else. The ideas born here are (likely) outside any box you didn’t even know you were about to put them in. Come with an open mind and maybe find yourself delightfully surprised.


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