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MyodetoxBranding Language + Messaging

In 2022, we had the privilege of enhancing the digital identity of through creative copywriting and refined branding language. Our journey involved transforming the messaging landscape, weaving a narrative that authentically represented the essence of Myodetox. The goal was clear: to not only convey information but to engage and resonate with the audience.


In 2022, we had the privilege of spearheading the branding and design identity for Casa Mona, a vacation property in Costa Rica. Our journey was rooted in a deep appreciation for the resort's unique identity and a commitment to capturing its essence visually. From crafting a distinctive logo that echoed the spirit of Casa Mona to designing collateral that seamlessly blended luxury with tropical charm, our team worked collaboratively to bring the brand to life.

Blavity Inc
Branding + Creative Direction

Blavity Media Group is the leading media company for Black culture and millennials that delivers digital campaigns by strategically distributing original and sponsored content across our premium brands, including:

21 Ninety
Home + Texture
Travel Noire
Blavity Media Group

Branding + Operations

UNDO Lab is an experiment.

We are the creative force behind UNDO-Ordinary, specializing in visual storytelling and dynamic branding through bold ideas that move people. We service as a multi-faceted creative agency with a vast talent pool.

We work with today's creative leaders aross various industries fusing the lines between creativity and health. Our aim is to open the lens of possibility and reach. Our goal is to elevate brand identity through authentic content and thoughtful presence. We aim to spark dialogue between consumer and product. With the ability to shape-shift, we design visual components for a variety of industries.

UNDO Lab  is the incubator for future design, communication and visual concepts. We are a safe space for wild ideas. Create with us.

Branding + Design

Questify was launched in 2021 by Sean Watson as an experiment to harness the inspirational power of physical movement to fuel social movements for good.

With $500k raised for charity and 1.7 million miles run, biked, and swam later, they’ve paused version one and are mapping the next phase of funding solutions. 

Take 2 
Concept Design / Creative Direction

Our booth for E3 was not only a space; it was a curated experience that explored the fusion of cutting-edge technology and artistic brilliance.  Emotion took the spotlight as we infused our creations with a depth that heightened the senses yet left the consumer with a sense of calm. This was in a very chaotic space. Theatrical appeal came alive as our booth became an oasis, where technology and holistic healing harmonized to deliver an unforgettable display.