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Podcast: Never Not Run

The Why’s of Running
“Vasha's background is difficult to sum up. She's lived in many places and possesses many skills. Her website describes her as an adventurer, ideator, and visual provocateur. What we know for sure is that she is incredibly knowledgeable about the current state of running and works with many fitness companies. We were so grateful she took the time to chat with us before her trip to run the Berlin Marathon and covered our widest range of topics yet.”

Chris Candy, host 

Podcast: League of Champions

Undo Ordinary

“I had the chance to sit down with Vasha from Undo Ordinary to talk about her creative path and how she fell in love with running along the way. Vasha talks about how she's developed her skillset throughout her career, became a world class creative problem solver, utilized run-in gas rebellion and how she's been navigating through unpredictable times. Check out her recent tee shirt collab, as well as her personal website linked up in the notes!”

- Shannon Jamar Eaton, host

Editorial: MTTR

Divided States

As a nation, it can feel like we are polarized on everything from mask-wearing to Hawaiian shirts. But what does a divided states sound like? After all, these fissures run long and deep, but music has the potential to bring us together, in fandom, on the dancefloor, or even as a release valve.

We ask one of our favorite music curators, Naivasha Colette Thomas (seriously check out her Spotify playlists), to put together a playlist of 50 tracks that, for her, brings to life the state and mood of our nation today.



Event: Vans

Protect Your Chest
To commend breast cancer awareness month (October), Vans released a capsule collection, for which a minimum of $200,000 of its proceeds will go toward CoppaFeel!, a breast cancer awareness group.

Event: Queensfest 

Queens of the New Age
A space for community. A space for artists to commune. A space for creative women of color to feel safe, seen and valued!

AUGUST 2, 2019

✨ “A festival of Extraordinary Women”

Editorial: Pop Sugar 

35 Women of Color
35 Women of Color
“Vasha is shaking up the health and wellness industry one day at a time. She's the founder of Undo Ordinary, a lifestyle magazine providing fitness tips, classes, and more. She's also behind Budget Hungry, an Instagram page curated toward eating healthy without breaking the bank.”

ViaPop Sugar

Podcast: Sports Bra

Undo Magazine  
Take flight with Air Auntie in Ep 17 with the founders of UNDO Magazine- Nai Vasha and Sophia Chang. Highly skilled individually, we discuss combining their powers into a magazine, supporting creative community and sports bras!

Podcast: Almost 30

Defying Stereotypes, Pushing limints + Cultivating Community
Live with the founders of UNDO Magazine, Nai Vasha and Sophia Chang. UNDO is an intellectually and visually stimulating quarterly magazine that sheds light on issues, stories, people and brands in wellness, fashion, and fitness.

As two dedicated entrepreneurs who are always pushing the envelope, Sophia and Nai share how they came together and founded UNDO Mag. They explain ways the fitness and wellness industry has changed, like with influencers and athletes. Both ladies are passionate about breaking stereotypes, and making wellness information accessible to all ages and races. They empower individuals to dive into self-discovery and push beyond fear. After listening to these incredible women, you can't help but feel inspired and motivated to optimize your health beyond the green juice and yoga pants!

Event: Ad Club NYC 

Disconnect to Reconnect
The AD Club Young Professional Committee presents a movement to take an intentional pause from technology in order to restore wellness and balance. It is important that we reflect on the meaning of "connection" in the rapidly changing digital world.

Event: We Rise  

The Healthy Grind
“WHY WE RISE and the event WE RISE are calls to action, asking you to join a movement to break through barriers and defy old assumptions about mental health and the many related social conditions that compound problems and hurt our communities. Together we can fix a broken system.”

Editorial: King Kong Magazine  

Magazine Feature
Los Angeles
Photos by Ira Chernova

Speaker: European IAAF 

Frankfurt, Germany
European Running Business Conference
The 2017 European Running Business Conference attracted key stakeholders in the running industry not just from Europe - but from around the world. And I’m sure there will be even more participants in 2019 now the word is out.

The Couch Sessions

New York

“California native, now Brooklyn based artist, costume designer, prop designer, set designer, stylist, dancer, photographer, and image consultant, Nai Vasha stays in motion and moves with purpose. She has created for Chromat, Fruition Las Vegas, Stussy, Aegir Boardworks, Xochi Menswear, Defsound, Ana Lola Roman, Rock Jacobs Film, J*Davey, ReInspire Brooklyn, Nicole Medoro, Frankie Presley, Rocksmith and more. We met up at Union Square in NYC to talk life, people, career, and where she's headed. We got to work with Nai at our Summer Soul Sessions July Edition, where she projected images over So Super Sam's set that had the party people and Paperbox and CS staff wondering why we couldn't all just walk around with our own projection artwork around us everywhere we went? Life would would be so colorful and certainly more thought provoking.”



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